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Shubh Micro Pulverizer

Micro Pulverizer - Shubh Micro Pulverizer Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in Mumbai, India

For coarse to fine dry & wet grinding of all types of chemicals, coal, colours, cosmetics, dyes, food colours, fertilizers, gum, gram flours, manures, minerals, medicine herbs, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paints, pigments, pesticides, sugar, spices, salt, tobacco, tea pre-mixes etc.

Shubh Micro Pulverizer is compact, low cost, highly efficient grinding mill, capable of grinding variety of products from coarse to fine mesh size. Material to be pulverized is crushed between high speed moving beaters & serrated liner & by impact between rapidly moving beaters & the particle itself, the energy of the rapidly moving beaters dissipating itself into the particles being ground by virtue of their inertia, thus causing the particles size reduction.


The material to be pulverized can be fed to grinding chamber in different ways


Powered by electric motor the material to be ground is fed to the grinding chambers in a uniform way by screw feeders. Feed screws are made in single & multiple types designed to convey the material from feed hopper to grinding chamber & at the same time act as a pre-crusher for reducing large soft mass of material to suitable size for the micro pulverizers. Screw feeding can be provided with variable speed arrangement.


This arrangement is extremely successful for materials like medicine herbs, spices, spices, heena leaves etc. Which cannot be conveyed in to the grinding chamber due to their light weight or material which are highly hydroscopic. Gravity feeding can also be used to pulverize materials like sugar, salt or carbon as these types of material are extremely easy to grind & does not require screw feeding. Gravity feeding arrangement consists of a specially designed hopper with sliding valve, which conveys the material into the grinding chamber by gravity.


This arrangement is suitable for grinding of over size materials which cannot be conveyed into the grinding chamber due to their size. This type feeding arrangement consists of a specially designed paddle in the hopper with bearings which precrushes before conveying the material into the grinding chamber.


This arrangement is suitable for extremely light weight material. This type of feeding arrangement consists of a specially designed gravity hopper at the side of the mount which conveys the material into grinding chamber by suction.


This are set of beaters revolving at high velocity in the chamber & beat in the materials as it enters from the screw feeders. These hammers are forged out of hardened material. Shubh micro also offers serrated type beaters for heat sensitive materials.


High speed revolving beaters pulverize the material against the rachet teeth liner into fine powder of desired mesh. The pulverized fine powder is pushed through the screen into the collecting bag by the air draft generated due to the centrifugal movement of the beaters.


SCREEN - The required coarse to fine mesh size of material is obtained by different types of screen. The particle size is not accomplished by the screens. They hold the material in the chamber until the particle is pulverized to the required size by the hammers and the liner.


CLEANING - is very easy as the interior of the grinding chamber is smoothly finished. It is possible to dismantle each part of the unit for easy & through cleaning & reassembling with the use of simple tools in no time.


Capable of wet grinding Consumes very less space Easy to clean, Dust proof
Low maintenance Low Power
Model Main Drive HP jFeed DriveHP Top Rotor Speed R.P.M. Upto 300 mesh Kgs./Hr.
MINI 1 - 9,600 10-15
BABY 2 0.5 9,600 15-20
MP-1 5 0.5 8,400 40-60
MP-2 10-15 1 6,900 200-300
MP-3 20-30 1.5/- 4,600 500-700
MP-5 50-60 - 3,450 1500-1800



For recirculation or multi passing of liquids & slurries an arrangement of this type is recommended. The circulating pump at the discharge of the lower hopper carries the material back to the feed of the Shubh Micro Pulverizer for repassing through the mill. When the grinding is finished the material is discharged into the drum or pumped to wherever desired.


Flexible design enables alteration of the system as per space available.

1) Total Dust Free Environment
2) Increase in Output Capacity
3) Labour Savings
4) Guaranteed Performance
5) Compact & Highly Efficient
6) Uniform Production.